Technology in ADR: computers as mediators (NSW Bar Association)

Posted by admin on July 14, 2016

13 July 2016, Sydney

Technology in ADR: computers as mediators

Ross Paull and Nitzan Karni gave a talk at the New South Wales Bar Association. The talk specifically addressed Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) including its challenges and potential benefits. It focused on the types of ODR that could augment existing dispute resolution protocols across a variety of industries and contexts.

The key theme is that ODR seeks to harness technology as the metaphorical “Fourth Party” (in other words, a distinct participant) in non-adversarial processes, facilitating control and economy for users through its early structured engagement.

The main sections of the talk were:

  • ODR models
  • Problems
  • Challenges
  • Asynchronous experiential frameworks
  • Leveraging non-adversarial elements
  • Potential benefits
  • Communication advantages
  • Conclusion


ODR is best suited to jurisdictions lower down the food chain of law and justice – such as Tribunals and Ombudsman Services – where speedier and inexpensive outcomes are desirable.

Slides & Brochure
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