Solutions - ODR App

When it comes to everyday disputes, easy escalation in a scalable manner can lead to speedier and inexpensive outcomes.

Guided Resolution’s flagship application (“app”) is our Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) portal which structures and guides the online exchange between two or more parties without their need to meet, speak or involve a mediator.

The online pathway experientially educates and prepares the parties for non-adversarial engagement through a series of sequential steps that prompt the process of identifying and exchanging pertinent information relating to their dispute.

The app injects Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) principles upstream into the subscriber’s normal workflows and is designed to:

  • Establish constructive communication between parties;
  • Open up the conversation; and
  • Stimulate collaboration.

It allows users to vent first, order their thoughts and draw out what is happening in a structured way.

The system framework aims to narrow down the issues relating to conflict for shorter and economical resolution or accelerated progression to conciliation (and/or adjudication).

The app targets wholesale organisations requiring a front-end portal that promotes self-resolution amongst its users to reduce costs.

Flexibility is also built-in to customise pathways to an organisation’s specific processes, workflows, roles and data management.