Team - Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as a compass to guide our company’s strategic vision and direction.

Comprising international industry veterans with unparalleled experience in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sector, the Board is a powerhouse from which we draw collective wisdom on industry best practices, future ADR trends and sound corporate governance.

The Board also helps us shape our vision of becoming a leading global provider of online tools for positive conflict management.

The members of the Advisory Board are:


Phillip Argy, Chairman

Philip Argy is a global expert in information technology and intellectual property law who has been advising on and resolving disputes in the IT sector for more than 40 years. A Fellow of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia and a LEADR Advanced Mediator, Philip is also a Past President of the Australian Computer Society, has appeared as an expert witness before Parliamentary hearings in relation to online regulatory matters, and was a member of the Federal Attorney-General’s Electronic Commerce Expert Group.

Philip was with Mallesons Stephen Jaques (now known as King & Wood Mallesons) for almost 32 years. He left the firm at the end of 2007 to establish, primarily to evangelise and implement dispute resolution and avoidance strategies in the IT sector.

Philip is on the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) panel of arbitrators for the resolution of intellectual property disputes, a director of the Mediator Standards Board, Chairman of the Law Society’s Legal Technology Committee and he chaired the eCommerce Committee of the Law Council of Australia for more than a decade.


Joanna Kalowski

Joanna Kalowski is an internationally renowned mediator, facilitator and judicial educator, and leads a management consultancy specialising in dispute resolution, cross-cultural communication and organisational development.

Joanna previously Chaired LEADR, Australia’s largest non-profit dispute resolution organisation, and has mediated over 300 cases: indigenous land claims, environmental matters, community involvement in public infrastructure projects, commercial, industrial and academic disputes.

A fluent French speaker, in 2002 Joanna was appointed to the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Panel of Neutrals, and in 2003 to the Centre de Mediation et d’Arbitrage in Paris, where she lives and works for part of each year.

Joanna also serves on the Board of the International Mediator Institute (IMI) including its independent standards commission.


Steve Lancken

Steve Lancken is Managing Director of Negocio Resolutions, leading mediators and experts in the field of conflict management and dispute resolution. Steve is widely acknowledged for his contributions to the ADR industry with more than 30 years experience firstly as a lawyer, and in the last 20 years as a mediator, consultant, lecturer and trainer.

Steve was a Principal of an international dispute resolution firm, The Trillium Group and has worked for many large Australian businesses, government bodies, such as the Federal Attorney-General, and non-government organisations and charities.

Steve holds a Masters Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Sydney and has written many articles relating to ADR that regularly appear in leading publications.