About Us

Guided Resolution designs and custom builds web-based software applications for conflict management under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model.

Our sequential pathways structure and guide the online exchange between two or more parties without their need to physically meet or speak. The process is principled, objective and recordable.

The white-labelled software is accessed through the internet and is an easy-to-use ‘point and click’ system that embeds interests-based negotiation into the user interface.

We provide clients with subscription-based access to the software in addition to associated services including secure hosting and customer service and support for the application.

Our MIssion

To promote the non-adversarial pathway for conflict resolution by providing a convenient online filtering tool that experientially educates users and manages their communications at a low cost.

• Draw on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) foundations to create a best practice framework

• Encourage early communication and information exchange

• Create a level playing field for engagement

• Offer a convenient and simple-to-use process accessible 24/7

• Establish a systematic process pathway together with guidance on principled negotiation

• Provide a filtering mechanism that facilitates the discovery of relevant information

• Stimulate win/win collaboration


A self-help model that empowers users, decreases polarisation and assists in preserving relationships will decrease the overall costs associated with conflict.

• Cost effective

• Educate the broader community

• Increase self-reliance in conflict management

• Narrow down the issues for time and economy

• Generate a socially responsible approach


By providing a secure online portal for two or more parties to exchange information relating to their dispute in a structured and formal way without their need to meet, speak or initially require a mediator.

• Instil a framework via a series of sequential steps

• Set up an objective process pathway that assists the identification of the underlying ‘stumbling blocks’

• Produce an audit trail that can be used to efficiently represent case history