for July, 2015

Using technology to negotiate and mediate

Posted by Ross Paull on July 17, 2015

It’s been an interesting few months reading about the negotiations regarding the financial crisis in Greece so it’s topical to compare and contrast different approaches to negotiating.

As per our Mission Statement, Guided Resolution’s cornerstone reference model is Interests-Based Negotiation (IBN), the same framework that mediators use to establish a non-adversarial pathway to resolving conflict.

A variety of names are used to describe this form of negotiation with ‘principled’, ‘integrative’ and ‘win/win’ being the most common.

The key to this method is that it focuses on mutual interests and can yield a better outcome for both parties through equal participation, information sharing and creative thinking.

There is a very funny scene in the comedy movie “The Hangover” which illustrates IBN being successfully practiced in unusual circumstances.

During a bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, the protagonists had stolen a police car were being interrogated by the unhappy sheriffs responsible for the vehicle.

The sheriffs informed them that they wouldn’t be fronting a Judge until Monday morning, which meant they would miss their friend’s wedding.

In response, Bradley Cooper’s character says:

“I’m not a cop, I’m not a hero, I’m a school teacher but if one of my kids went missing on a school trip that would look really bad on me…no one wants to look bad. We’ve got to get to a wedding and you guys don’t need people talking about us obnoxious tourists who borrowed your squad car last night…I think we can work out a deal, discreetly of course Ma’am, what do you say?”.

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