Guided Resolution designs and custom builds online dispute resolution applications for conflict management, drawing on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) best practices.  Our sequential pathways structure and guide the online exchange between two or more parties without their need to physically meet or speak. The process is principled, objective and recordable.

Managing Conflict

  • Dispute and claim handling is labour-intensive and time-consuming
  • Small matters usually have to be initially addressed the same way as larger, more complex cases
  • Heightened emotions may need to be defused
  • Automation is difficult as many people are unschooled in negotiation
  • The absence of a structured engagement reduces the opportunity for early resolution and requires the involvement of staff
  • Constrained capacity can lead to congestion

Customisable Applications

  • No need to meet, speak or necessarily involve mediators
  • Guided engagement available 24/7
  • Embeds Alternative Dispute Resolution best practises
  • Self-help for everyday users
  • Able to cope with high volumes
  • Cost savings generate a return to subscribers

White-labelled Software-as-a-Service



  • Interposes more efficient communication
  • Guides the process by prompting a progression
  • Monitors time delays and non–responsiveness
  • Retains all communications in a uniform format
  • Records the full history in the one location
  • Parties participate in their own time

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Customisable ADR apps for scalable and effective online dispute resolution